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Sierra 3.1 Upgrade

At the last AAC meeting I mentioned that we will need to upgrade to the latest release of Sierra as soon as it became available in order to keep ecommerce working. Sierra 3.1 was just released! Unless we run into any problem with our backups over the weekend, we plan to run the upgrade beginning around 8:15 pm on Monday, June 19th. The upgrade should take around 2 hours. During that time Sierra and InfoSoup will be unavailable.

While we don't anticipate any problems with the upgrade and expect Sierra to be good to go Tuesday morning, this is always a good time to go over with your staff off-line circ procedures, whether you use the offline circ client or track checkouts on a spreadsheet. 

The upgrade will require new jar files to be downloaded, so we ask that you open Sierra one computer at a time and let the new files download before opening another Sierra session. Bandwidth issues with Sierra jar files is often our biggest problem. The more you can stagger opening Sierra on different computers, the better. 

If you run into any problems with Sierra following the upgrade, please email OWLSnet Help or call the front desk 920-832-6190. Thanks for your help.


New OverDrive Web Site

Just a reminder that the new OverDrive web site is scheduled to go live on November 7th. For now, it is just the web site that will be new. Users will continue to use the current OverDrive app. OverDrive was planning to launch a new app, but that has been delayed until after the holidays. I have updated the post on InfoSoup to include news about the app. From previewing the site, I don't think users should have any problems navigating or using the new site.

High Demand Holds and Large Print Editions

We came across a number of popular upcoming release titles where the large print edition had the material type "book" and was not, particularly on the brief record page in Encore, easily distinguished as large print.These records have been cleaned up and are now listed as Large Print.

If patrons went to the full record page before placing the hold, they would likely have noticed that it was the large print edition. So in some cases the patron probably wanted large print, but it is also likely some patrons where unaware they were placing a hold on the large print edition. For some of the titles, the waiting time for the large print will probably much longer. I have posted a list of the titles, record numbers, the number of holds, and the patron's library in case you want to try and contact the patrons to see if they really wanted large print. This list can be found at:

Please email the cathelp list if you have any question. If you see similar situations in the catalog, please let us know as soon as possible. I'm sorry for the confusion. Thanks,


Anyone else seen this Sierra problem?

We have a report from a library with an odd glitch when using the Search/Holds function in Sierra. The problem looks like this:

Using Search/Holds, search by title or author. On the Result page, double click on the record you want to view. The screen briefly flashes the record and then returns to the results page. Try clicking on the record again and the same thing happens.

This has happened at one library on different computers, all recently upgraded to Windwos 10. If anyone else has observed this problem, please let me know. Thanks,


Kimberly and Little Chute Temporary Change in Hours

Please note that from now until November 4th, the Kimberly and Little Chute libraries have made some temporary changes to their regular open hours. Kimberly will be closed on Mondays and only open until 5:00 pm on Thursdays. Little Chute will be closed on Fridays and only open until 5:00 pm on Wednesdays. The OWLSnet directory has been updated to reflect these changes. Updated hours can also be found on their library web site at Their regular hours will resume on November 7th. 


Renewing Titles with Holds

A new feature in Innovative was suppose to "allow patrons to renew checkouts on items if there are more available copies than existing title- or volume-level holds." We have confirmation that this feature is not currently working. Patron's trying to renew a title with a Hold on it will get a "Not all renewals were successful. See details below" message. The message will say "ON HOLD" even if many copies are available. We understand that this can be very frustating for patrons and staff and we will work with Innovative to try and find a solution. 


Sierra 2.2 Upgrade Complete

The upgrade was completed successfully at around 12:40 am. Please remember to turn on one Sierra computer at a time and let the new files download before starting another Sierra computer. If you have any problems starting Sierra or notice any issues with the program, please email Thanks!


Scheduling Next Sierra Upgrade

Our last Encore update did not complete fully, as part of the Encore upgrade required that we were on the latest version of Sierra. I would like to schedule our upgrade from Sierra 2.1 to Sierra 2.2 as soon as possible. The upgrade will likely be run around midnight, so there will be no down time during library hours. Clients will, however, need to load new jar files in the morning. Please let me know if any of these dates would be a problem for you or if you have any questions.

Late Evening / Early Morning

  • May 24/25
  • May 31/June 1
  • June 6/7



Wording of OverDue Notices - Update

At the January AAC meeting we agreed to change the wording of Overdue Notices. I postponed making the change because the direct link to the Encore patron account was not working on some mobile devices. That issue appears to be fixed with the last upgrade. I have updated the OverDue Notices. They now read:

The following item(s) are overdue. Please return them promptly.
If you have questions, please contact your library.

It may be possible to renew online at:

If a patron ever does have trouble accessing their account from that link, please have them go to the InfoSoup home page and click on My Account. Thanks,


Marking Items as Damaged - Update

In Sierra, when viewing a patron's Checked-Out-Items, you will now see an orange button "Mark Damaged Item." OWLS staff (and other Innovative Libraries apparently) are still trying to understand the ramifications of using this status, particularly on how it integrates or doesn't with fines and notices. Until we can get a better understanding of how this status works, we are asking libraries not to use this function. We hope by the May AAC meeting that we will be able to understand (and explain) the implications of using this status, and discuss with you why a library may or may not want to use this feature. Thanks,