Print Notices

Patron notices are available each morning to be printed from the notices webpage. You can log in with your library's van code and password. (Please call the OWLS office if you don't know the password.) The notices will remain on that page for one week before being automatically deleted. Notices include:

  • Hold pickup notices (Generated every day. If you mail these, print Sat -Mon notices on Monday)
  • Hold cancellation notices (Generated M-F each day open)
  • Overdue notices (Generated M-F each day open)
  • Bills (Generated as items enter billing cycle)
  • Adjusted bills (Generated when item is returned and bill amount is reduced)

Many libraries choose not to mail some or all notices. Feel free to follow your local procedures. OWLS recommends that all libraries print and mail bills, once they've verified the price using the Search Shelves Before Billing Report.

Notices should be printed once a day.