Tech Day

Tech Day
Thursday, September 22, 2016 - 9:00am to 4:30pm

Join us at Tech Day to learn and get energized, and return to your library with new ideas!

You have two opportunities to attend Tech Day:

  • Wednesday, September 14
    Franklin Public Library
  • Thursday, September 22
    Fond du Lac Public Library

Each day will start with an informative & entertaining presentation by the MacGyver Guys, followed by a talk on the whys & hows of coding for library staff and library users of all ages.  In the afternoon, choose from 9 concurrent sessions & hands-on learning activities on topics like tech training for the public, 3D printing, creating low-cost digital displays, mobile makerspaces, apps, and using tablets & tiny robots for STEM activities.

Comments from attendees of Tech Day 2015:

  • “Great day and so much great information was shared....still thinking about what I want to do first!”
  • “One of the best that I have attended”
  • “Fun and informative day that flew by. Thanks!”
  • “Such a great program, it's hard to believe it was free! What a gift!”
  • “It was such a fun day! I was so glad to attend and would love to attend another one in the future.”

Technology Day workshop is sponsored and coordinated by Winnefox Library System, Outagamie Waupaca Library System, Manitowoc-Calumet Library System, and the Southeastern Wisconsin (SEWI) library systems:  Arrowhead Library System, Bridges Library System, Eastern Shores Library System, Kenosha County Library System, Lakeshores Library System, Mid-Wisconsin Federated Library System and Milwaukee County Federated Library System.  

Questions?  Contact Joy Schwarz, Winnefox Library System (email: or phone: 920-236-5218)

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