Two copies of a requested item received

This situation can occur when a potential lending library receives a request and does not update to “shipped” before the request expires at their location.  The request moves on to the next lender, who does update the request to “shipped”.

This can also occur when there is a disruption with the ISO ILL connection to OCLC.  The OCLC library has updated the request to “shipped”, but the message does not get through to WISCAT and the request moves on to the next lender.

The borrower library then receives two copies of the item and the WISCAT request history information no longer reflects what has actually occurred with the transaction.

You will need to manage this request “off the grid” and of course, return the second item.  If one of the lenders is an out-of-state OCLC lender, please also contact RL&LL.  We will need to update the request manually in OCLC WorldShare ILL.

Copied from DPI Google Doc: Ill - Resolutions to Common Resource Sharing issues