Introductory Statements to the Second Edition

At Winding Rivers Library System we have used and distributed this set of sample policies widely. In developing a trustee training regime in 1996, we made the Sample Library Policies for the Small Public Library one of our handouts and spent a fair amount of time instructing trustees on ways that they could utilize the sample for the development and benefit of their libraries.

As we have continued to refine and improve our trustee training, the sample policies have remained a part of the curriculum. As we approach the year 2000 and information technology becomes evermore prevalent, even in the smallest public libraries, it seemed a fitting time to review the sample policies carefully to bring them in line with the times.

The intent in this revision was not to alter the focus of the original committee that worked hard a decade ago to compile this collection; rather it was to keep the sample policies as vital as possible so that small and newly created public libraries can continue to benefit from them. The board members and staff should feel free to delete specific sections if they are not relevant for your library; for instance, if you have no meeting room, you do not need policies for the room's use. On the other hand, there may be categories that are not included here that will be necessary for your unique situation. The original committee made efforts to be inclusive, and we have attempted to add sections for areas that have become important since 1989, such as Internet Use policies. However, it is difficult to anticipate every situation and, consequently, there might be a need to provide sections for policies not represented in the samples.

While documents like the Library Bill of Rights and the Freedom to Read Statement should be readily locatable, for the purpose of this second edition we have included the most recent versions in the appendices. In doing so we hope to save new trustees or directors from scrambling to find copies of items that have been identified as important parts of a policy manual. In addition, this sample policy manual is more complete and, presumably, more useful because of the inclusion.

We humbly submit this revision to the library community, hoping it will be helpful and appreciated.

Winding Rivers Library System - David L. Polodna, System Director
February 1999