AAC Meeting - December 18, 2020


Friday, December 18, 2020 - 9:30am to 11:30am



  1. Call to order and introductions  
  2. AAC Ground Rules  
  3. Minutes of the November 20th meeting  
  4. Announcements  
  5. Vote on the following statement regarding patrons placing holds with expired cards: 
    1. OWLSnet should allow patrons with expired cards to place holds in the online catalog. 
  6. Bibliographic Utility Proposal 
    1. We will share the findings of our exploration of OCLC as a new bib utility. 
  7. Library Use Only status 
    1. OWLSnet used the status of “Library Use Only” in Sierra to prevent patrons from placing holds, prevent items from going into delivery to other libraries, and prevent items from getting checked out without an override. CARL does this differently. 
    2. What situations are you running into that you would previously use "Library Use Only?” 
  8. Gather feedback on Annual Report Data 
    1. We’ve started working on pulling data from CARL for annual reports. We’d like to share some of that with you and gather feedback on the numbers to make sure we’re on the right track. 
  9. Other CARL Priorities  
    1. What issues in CARL are causing the biggest disruptions or delays in day-to-day operations?  
    2. What questions would you like to ask or tasks you’d like to see demonstrated?
  10. Adjourn