AAC Meeting - January 20, 2023


Friday, January 20, 2023 - 9:30am to 11:30am




  1. Call to order and introductions      
  2. AAC Ground Rules      
  3. Minutes of the November 18th meeting      
  4. Announcements 
    1. Patron Purge in March
    2. Withdrawn item deletion
    3. TLC training March 13-16
    4. Annual Reports
  5. Review new ILL Procedure
  6. Discuss updated Damaged Items Procedure
    1. Do you think the new changes will help staff determine circable from noncircable damaged items and help reduce confusion?
  7. Vote on a Resource Sharing Policy exception for APL’s Opening Day Collection
    1. Should Appleton be granted an exception from the OWLSnet Resource Sharing Policy for 6 months for an Opening Day Collection when their new library opens?
  8. Review OWLSnet Patron Home Agency Policy
    1. Provide updated Background information
    2. Is there anything about this policy that is outdated or that needs to change?