AAC Meeting - July 17, 2020


Friday, July 17, 2020 - 9:30am to 2:00pm

Coffee and Conversation: 

9:15 a.m.


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1. Call to order and roll call/introductions

a. Please say your name when your library is called so we can mark attendance and test sound.

2. AAC Ground Rules & online meeting etiquette

3. Approve the minutes of the May 15th, 2020 AAC meeting

4. Announcements

5. Staff report

6. Are there concerns with storing photos in patron records?

a. CARL•Connect Staff allows us to upload patron photos into the database. We consider this a local decision unless there are reasons the group thinks that OWLSnet should prohibit its use.

7. Should we continue forward with BiblioCommons?

a. In November 2019 AAC voted to accept the committee’s recommendation to adopt BiblioCommons. OWLS recommends we continue forward, possibly with a longer implementation period than first anticipated. Due to exceptional circumstances, we wanted to check in on this project again to see if anything has changed that might impact this decision.

8. Should we enable text receipts in CARL?

a. Shoutbomb: We currently provide Shoutbomb as an SMS service patrons can opt into for hold pickup notices, courtesy notices, overdue notices, and account expiration notices. We will continue to use Shoutbomb because it allows patrons to renew items by simply responding to the text. Patrons sign up for this service on their own by texting Shoutbomb their library card number and PIN or signing up on InfoSoup. This is not done by library staff and is not directly connected to the ILS. Current Shoutbomb users will not have to sign up again since registration is done directly with Shoutbomb.

CARL Text Receipts: The SMS service provided through TLC is a one-way communication, so patrons cannot text back to renew items or view information about their account. One feature CARL has that Shoutbomb does not is the ability to send a text receipt when a patron checks out materials. This would require staff to gather information about a patron’s mobile carrier at the time of registration or add that information during the transaction. None of the other notices would be enabled for text messaging, so patrons will still have to sign up with Shoutbomb on their own to get those notices.
b. Do we want to enable text receipts in CARL if SMS services will be provided by two different providers with two different signup methods?

9. Adjourn