AAC Meeting - March 2014


Friday, March 28, 2014 - 9:30am

Coffee and Conversation: 

9:15 a.m.



1. Call to Order

2. Minutes of the Jan 17, 2014 Meeting

3. AAC ground rules

4. Announcements

  • Continuing Education
  • Trends in E-content

5. Information - to be presented by OWLS and OWLSnet member library staff

  • Sierra/Circulation
    • Title Paging
      • The Title Paging list waschanged to the new format, but the Item Paging List hasn't changed. Changing it to the new format won't add any new features. Is it confusing to have two different formats?
      • Is it ok to add additional fields to the Title Paging list if that will make the list longer?
    • Art prints. Only 4 libraries still have art prints in InfoSoup and very few of these have checked out recently. (A list will be distributed). Can we remove this Itype? (Existing art prints could be moved to Realia.)
    • Deleting items unpaid after one year, an update
    • Check for items label changing again. Do these still need to be poly? Are the larger rolls a problem?
    • GED weeding list will be distributed. The GED was updated in January, so older test-taking guides are now obsolete.
    • IUG Enhancements update
    • Draft OWLSnet procedures for checkout outside of the library
  • Cataloging
  • SkyRiver - OWLS staff propose that we move to SkyRiver for cataloging
  • WISCAT update
  • Overdrive update
  • OWLSnet website update
  • Fiber upgrades
  • Discovery Layer - update from the Discovery Layer Committee
    • Enhanced content overview
  • OWLSnet Ongoing Planning committee
  • Networking update
  • OWLSnet planning

6. Decision - consensus decision or vote

  • None

7. Ideas submitted for discussion

  • None

8. Discussion - discussion of issues that may be up for decision at future meetings

  • OWLSnet technology proficiencies - let's start talking about these. What do library staff need to know? (preparation for development of OWLSnet training)
  • Currently, checkouts to other libraries (ILL) are a week longer than checkouts to OWLSnet patrons to allow for transit time. Is this an appropriate amount of time, or should we increase it?

9. Adjournment