AAC Meeting - May 15, 2015


Friday, May 15, 2015 - 9:30am

Coffee and Conversation: 

9:15 a.m.


Lunch arrangements: 

Lunch will be deli sandwiches and wraps at $7 per person.


1. Call to Order

2. Minutes of the March 20, 2015 Meeting

3. AAC ground rules

4. Announcements
    Sign in reminder
    Upcoming CE 

5. Information – to be presented by OWLS and OWLSnet member library staff
        Sierra 2.0 – coming this fall
        Sierra in the Wild
        Create a new slip for media damage?
        Ecommerce/PCI compliance
        Expiration courtesy emails
        ILL – proposal to increase checkout time
        Claims returned over a year
        5-year no circ list
        IUG update
        Linked data
    OWLS web site update
    WPLC/OverDrive update
    Encore/InfoSoup update
    SAM upgrade – can we take public PC's down for a day?
    Seed libraries
    July meeting – cancel and hold an Encore webinar?

6. Decisions – consensus decision or vote

7. Ideas submitted for discussion

8. Discussion

9. Adjournment