AAC Meeting - October 16, 2020


Friday, October 16, 2020 - 9:30am



1. Call to order and introductions

2. AAC Ground Rules

3. Minutes of the September 18th Meeting

4. Announcements

5. Cataloging and CARL

  • Supplemental document outlines how OWLSnet is currently handling cataloging requests, challenges we're facing, and where we hope to go.
  • What are pain points for libraries that need to be addressed sooner rather than later?

6. Technology and Resource Sharing Plan

7. Grace Periods

  • CARL has the functionality to allow grace periods where fines will not be charged for a set time after an item’s due date. This applies to renewals and returns. This may prevent patrons from getting charged fines by renewing online before the quarantine period is over. If implementing a grace period is desirable, OWLS recommends the grace period be equal to the quarantine time recommended by DPI plus 1 day.
  • Should OWLSnet implement a grace period for overdue library materials?

8. Adjusting the Overdue Notice Schedule

  • Adjusting the overdue notice schedule may prevent patrons from getting an overdue notice while returned materials are in quarantine. OWLS recommends moving the 1st
    overdue notice to 5 days from the due date and 2nd overdue notice to 10 days from the due date. Courtesy notices, search shelves, bills and collections remain the same.
  • Current overdue/billing process timeline from the due date is:

-1 day: Courtesy Notice sent
3 days: 1st Overdue Notice sent
6 days: 2nd Overdue Notice sent
21 days: Search Shelves posted
28 days: Bills posted
45 days: Selected patrons sent to collections

  • Should we adjust the overdue notice schedule to allow library staff more time to handle returns?

9. Holds Prioritization

  • Consensus was not reached at the September AAC, so we will vote on whether to temporarily change holds prioritization from the current practice, which is compliant with OWLSnet policy, to give precedence to local holds during the pandemic.
  • After consulting with TLC, we learned we can suppress the holds queue in InfoSoup at every level the patron would see it.
  • A lot changes in a month. When we implemented local holds in the spring, some libraries were completely closed, and delivery frequency was reduced. Based on an anticipated decrease in quarantine time and delivery running on a pre-COVID schedule, is this change still helpful for library workflows?

Proposal: Change holds prioritization in the ILS from first-come-first-served to local patrons first until all counties participating in OWLSnet reach Medium or Low disease activity levels per WI DHS or until AAC votes to change it back, whichever comes first.

10. Other CARL Priorities

  • What issues in CARL are causing the biggest disruptions or delays in day-to-day operations?
  • What questions would you like to ask or tasks you like to see demonstrated?

11. Adjourn