AAC Meeting - September 20, 2019


Friday, September 20, 2019 - 9:30am to 2:00pm

Coffee and Conversation: 

9:15 a.m.


Lunch arrangements: 

Fazoli's pasta and salad $7/person


  1. Call to Order and Introductions 
    1. New Director at Fremont: Natalie Snyder 
  2. AAC Ground Rules
  3. Minutes of the July 19, 2019 Meeting 
  4. Announcements
  5. Staff Report
  6. Discuss Winnefox’s response to NOW Proposal and next steps 
  7. ILS Platform Selection Committee Recommendation
    1. If the committee is ready to recommend a platform, we may vote at this meeting. 
    2. If the committee requests more time for research, or AAC requests more time to review the recommendation, we will vote in November. 
  8. TBS myPC Time Management implementation 
    1. New structure for time settings  
  9. OWLSnet Directory and email updates 
  10. Review of subscription services to inform renewal decisions in November  
  11. WPLC updates 
    1. Brown County and Advantage Account
    2. WPLC Roundtable
  12. Updates on Lucky Day 
    1. Sharing statistics and library experience 
    2. Policy vote postponed to give participating libraries more time to experiment 
  13. Bed bugs 
    1. Does your staff know what to do when they spot bed bugs or evidence of bed bugs? 
    2. Recommended training resource: http://www.ala.org/pla/sites/ala.org.pla/files/content/onlinelearning/webinars/archive/PLA_Kittrell_Dont-let-the-bed-bugs-bite_Final.pdf 
    3. Canine inspection: https://www.wil-kil.com/bed-bugs-control/bed-bug-canine-inspection/ 
  14. Clarify Alt ID practices/expectations 
    1. What are your current practices for changing patron info when their name changes? Are you changing the Alt ID? Should we be changing the Alt ID? 
    2. Can we update the Patron Registration procedure to reflect what should be done with Alt ID when a patron’s name changes? 
  15. Dementia-friendly resources 
    1. Does anyone have any language ideas for a local subject heading to identify these materials? Some ideas we’ve had: Older adults or Aging adults (people), Older adulthood (time in life), Dementia support 
    2. Does anyone have any ideas for how to organize this material online? What would be helpful? Would organizing them in the catalog the same way we do other materials be adequate? Would you prefer some other way of identifying them? 
    3. Does labeling this material cause more stigma? 
  16. Dates for 2020 AAC 
    1. January 17, 2020; March 20, 2020; May 15, 2020; July 17, 2020; September 18, 2020; November 13, 2020 
  17. Adjourn