AAC - November 18, 2022


Friday, November 18, 2022 - 9:30am

Coffee and Conversation: 

9:15 am


Kimberly Public Library


  1. Call to order and introductions       
  2. AAC Ground Rules       
  3. Minutes of the September 16th meeting      
  4. Announcements  
  5. Share CARL/BiblioCommons survey results 
  6. Review Should Be Short Loan procedure and sticker placement 
    1. Does this procedure still reflect current practice? 
  7. Discuss a Resource Sharing Policy exception for APL’s Opening Day Collection 
    1. Should Appleton be granted an exception from the OWLSnet Resource Sharing Policy for 6 months for an Opening Day Collection when their new library opens? 
  8. Discuss displaying other libraries materials 
    1. Can libraries display an item owned by another library? 
    2. Under what circumstances can they be displayed? 
    3. Do we need an official policy/procedure about this? 
  9. Review MyPC participation 
    1. Libraries are not required to use MyPC, so they can opt out of using it if they wish. 
  10. Database and eContent subscription review 
  11. Adjourn