Two Sierra Updates

If you look closely at you print checkout receipts, you will notice that the time stamp says 12:00AM. This is a known issue in the current Sierra software and will be fixed in the next Sierra update. We have no date yet for when the next update will be releases.

Most of the Sierra update involved bug fixes and some internal structural changes. There are a few small updates that may be of more general interest to us. OWLS staff are currently researching these. If applicable, we will report back, most likely at the next AAC meeting. One change that we think went into affect is this:

It will be possible in WebPAC to renew items when there are outstanding holds on the item, as long as there are also still enough copies available for those holds to be filled

I tested this in Encore, and I was allowed to renew a title that had a hold but plenty of available copies. That is a small sample size, so if you have a chance to test this, go ahead and give it a try and let me know if it works. Thanks,