Encore - Problem Viewing Holds: Important Update

I believe I found the origin of the "loading" problem. I haven't had any confirmation from Innovative, but I'm pretty sure I understand what is happening. The format of the link to My Account (when you click on your name) only works when you are on the Encore server -- search.infosoup.org. The link causes an internal error if it is coming from somewhere else, such as www.infosoup.org or any library web site. You can still login, but the necessary files fail to load. Modifying the link, however, appears to solve the problem.

The My Account link I originally sent out (and was using on InfoSoup) was: 


We need to remove "?lang=eng&suite=def" from the end of the link.

Correct link: https://search.infosoup.org/iii/encore/myaccount

I have updated the link on all InfoSoup pages and OWLS web sites. NFLS libraries that included the previous link on their web sites will need to contact the person in charge of updating their site. If you are not sure who that is, please contact John. My apologies for this inconvenience.

I am not certain that this was the only reason for the "Loading" error and the spinning wheel of death, but it was likely the main cause. If patrons or staff report this loading error going forward, please try to find out what linked they used to login from. Anyone who set a bookmark from the old link will need to update it.

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for your help and patience.