High Demand Holds and Large Print Editions

We came across a number of popular upcoming release titles where the large print edition had the material type "book" and was not, particularly on the brief record page in Encore, easily distinguished as large print.These records have been cleaned up and are now listed as Large Print.

If patrons went to the full record page before placing the hold, they would likely have noticed that it was the large print edition. So in some cases the patron probably wanted large print, but it is also likely some patrons where unaware they were placing a hold on the large print edition. For some of the titles, the waiting time for the large print will probably much longer. I have posted a list of the titles, record numbers, the number of holds, and the patron's library in case you want to try and contact the patrons to see if they really wanted large print. This list can be found at: https://owlsnet.org/sites/default/files/owlsnet/holds_on_large_print.pdf

Please email the cathelp list if you have any question. If you see similar situations in the catalog, please let us know as soon as possible. I'm sorry for the confusion. Thanks,