Sierra 3.1 Upgrade

At the last AAC meeting I mentioned that we will need to upgrade to the latest release of Sierra as soon as it became available in order to keep ecommerce working. Sierra 3.1 was just released! Unless we run into any problem with our backups over the weekend, we plan to run the upgrade beginning around 8:15 pm on Monday, June 19th. The upgrade should take around 2 hours. During that time Sierra and InfoSoup will be unavailable.

While we don't anticipate any problems with the upgrade and expect Sierra to be good to go Tuesday morning, this is always a good time to go over with your staff off-line circ procedures, whether you use the offline circ client or track checkouts on a spreadsheet. 

The upgrade will require new jar files to be downloaded, so we ask that you open Sierra one computer at a time and let the new files download before opening another Sierra session. Bandwidth issues with Sierra jar files is often our biggest problem. The more you can stagger opening Sierra on different computers, the better. 

If you run into any problems with Sierra following the upgrade, please email OWLSnet Help or call the front desk 920-832-6190. Thanks for your help.