Encore Bug Updates

Holds showing as (0) in Encore. Innovative is aware of this problem and is working on a fix for a future update. For now there is nothing we can do, other than let patrons know it is a known issue and that it does not actually affect any holds, but is just a display issue. For most users, the (0) display appears to fix itself fairly quickly. 

We have also been made aware of another Encore "bug" that affects the display of the item status in Encore brief record displays. The bug appears somewhat random, so we are not sure how many records it affects. The bug manifests itself in two ways:

In Encore brief record displays, the Checked Out or Available status does not follow the rules for displaying local titles first when in a library. For example, in this screen shot the Appleton record should display on the brief record page, since I am searching from Appleton, rather than seeing "Checked out at Fremont." The full record page and the View all copies display correctly orders the title, with the Appleton copy first. This problem appears to affect certain titles (or perhaps titles when the status matches certain criteria) rather than locations. The same affect was first noticed at Shawano, where titles they owned were not displaying on the brief record display page.

This same bug is also affecting Encore mobile, where the status is showing as "Not Available" even though copies are available. See this screen shot for an example. The three cat records showing "Not available" actually have copies available. In these cases, the first copy listed is checked out and that seems to trigger the "Not available."

Innovative has referred this issue to software engineering, which means that they may or may not fix the problem soon. Until then, the best I can suggest is to make sure to "View all copies" or go to the full record page for the most accurate status. Thanks to those who reported the problem and sent screen shots. If you have any questions, please let me know.