OWLSnet Internet Policy

Approved: September 17, 1998
Revised: May 15, 2003


The OWLSnet shared automation network has been established to provide a shared, integrated library automation system to member libraries of the Outagamie Waupaca Library System and the Nicolet Federated Library System "for the purposes of 1) facilitating resource sharing among network participants and 2) increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of participant library operations and services."

OWLSnet, which has been connected to the Internet since October 1995, provides member libraries with access to the Internet.


  1. In order to receive access to the Internet through OWLSnet, a library must have a written, board-approved Internet Acceptable Use Policy on file with the Director of the Outagamie Waupaca Library System.
    • OWLS and NFLS staff will assist libraries on request in developing such policies and in dealing with challenges should they arise.
  2. OWLSnet will offer Internet service to member libraries providing the necessary hardware, software, and cabling.
    • Internet connections will be provided at no charge if they can be adequately supported by OWLSnet's telecommunications network.
    • OWLSnet reserves the right to limit the number of Internet connections in member libraries due to limits in available bandwidth and the probability, therefore, of degraded network performance.
  3. OWLS and NFLS staff will help member libraries set up and configure their Internet workstation(s) and will provide basic troubleshooting consulting.
  4. OWLS and NFLS staff will provide training in using the Internet, including e-mail and the World Wide Web by offering classes in training labs or on site.
  5. OWLS and NFLS will provide and maintain web sites with links to OWLSnet libraries and appropriate informational resources.
    • OWLS will provide web support services to OWLSnet member libraries in accordance with the OWLS Web Services Policy [pdf].
  6. OWLS and NFLS may decide to provide OWLSnet libraries with access, via the Internet, to reference databases or other appropriate information resources.
  7. OWLS, NFLS, and OWLSnet cannot control information accessed through the Internet and are not responsible for the content found.
    • Whether OWLSnet libraries choose to use filtering software or otherwise limit access to the Internet is a local decision.
    • The particular Internet services a library offers to its patrons, e.g., web-based e-mail, telnet, and/or chat capabilities, will be a local determination.
  8. Inappropriate use of an OWLSnet Internet connection will result in cancellation of access. Inappropriate use includes, but is not limited to:
    • Illegal purposes, e.g., sending and/or receiving sexually explicit images of children.
    • Unethical intentions, e.g., misrepresenting yourself online in order to gain access to people or services.
  9. The OWLSnet Administrative Advisory Committee (AAC) will serve as a forum for discussions of Internet development, policy, procedures, and related issues.