Work Should be Short Loan Report in CARL

Once a week OWLS will send out the Should Be Short Loan list to the OWLSnetLibs listserv. If you are not on this and feel you should be, please email OWLSnetHelp. For printed instructions, click here.

This report is still a work in progress and will be updated as needed. Please review your library’s items on the list and check the total number of items and holds. If the item meets the requirements for being short loan, please change the MEDIA CODE to the appropriate Short Loan code and add a sticker to the item.

If the item is checked out, changing the code will not affect the current patron with that item. The only thing that would affect it is if the patron tried to renew for the first, second or third time, the system will not allow it since Short Loan media code do not allow for renewals. To notify staff of this item needing to be Short Loan upon return, you can add a note to the item. Here is how you add notes to items:

  1. Type in the item barcode in CARLX
  2. Double click on the item barcode in the results
  3. In the Item Detail window, click on the Notes button at the bottom (image below)
  4. In the Note Editor window, select “001 – Charge/Discharge Note” from the Note Type dropdown (image below)
  5. In the Free Text type in, “Please add Short Loan sticker to item.” (image below)
  6. Save. Close.

Please remember that once you do add a Short Loan sticker to an item, this note can be deleted from the item. To do this, follow the above steps to the Note Editor window. Highlight the Short Loan note and click on Delete. Save. Close.






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