Directory Server & Email Lists

All OWLSnet email accounts have been entered into a directory server. This allows you to type the beginning of a person's name or email username, and the directory server will fill in the rest of the address for you. We have also set up several discussion lists for you to use to email groups of people. Current available lists are as follows:

  • AAC Discussion List
  • NFLS Directors List
  • NFLS Email Users List
  • NFLS ILL Contact List
  • NFLS Web Developers List
  • OWLS Children's Author Committee List
  • OWLS Children's Librarians' List
  • OWLS Delivery Contact List
  • OWLS Directors List
  • OWLS E-mail Users List
  • OWLS ILL Contact List
  • OWLSnet Technical Services Contact List
  • Webmeister List (OWLS Members)

Additional discussion lists will be created as needed. To send a message to one of these lists, simply begin typing the name of the list in the TO box of a new message. The rest of the address will be filled in for you.