Computer/Seirra Hardware

Contact Julie | email | (920-832-6369) for:

  • New computers - - selection, installation, and configuration
    • Minimum Recommended Computer Specifications (2023):
      • Core i5 Processor
      • 8GB of RAM
      • 256GB SSD (Solid State Drive)
      • 5-Year Warranty
  • Computer Donations - Used computer donations are not encouraged.  Please talk to your PC Support Staff before considering new computer donations.
  • Printers  - selection, installation, and configuration
  • Peer-to-peer networking
  • Troubleshooting (Contact Joe or Dave if Julie is not available)

Sierra Peripheral Hardware
See the Sierra Peripheral Hardware Order page for additional information. 

  • Barcode scanner orders & troubleshooting  (Dave can also help)
  • Receipt printer orders & troubleshooting (Dave can also help)
  • Spine Label troubleshooting (Bradley can also help)
  • Signature Capture device orders (OWLSnet Help for troubleshooting and repair)
  • Installation